The Benefits Of Having A Graphic Designer In Your Business


Today's episode we talk about 4 benefits of having a graphic designer in your team:

  • Pride and productivity. Yeah, you would be surprised hearing this headline, but as we explain it will make sense. Employees and employers alike have pride in the work they perform when the brand is stronger. A good graphic designer can bring the brand to life in your office, work environment, and the work you perform.
  • TIME! If you don’t know the difference between a JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, or PDF chances are there are a lot of ‘practicing’ and research to get you to the right place. Think back to what you are proficient in, is your time best spent doing that or trying to learn something new that you may be ‘okay’ in? A logo for your brand by a designer that knows you could take 2 hours, or you could try to do the same thing and probably not achieve the same results in 6-10 hours.
  • Design is what makes people take action. Whether it comes to your website, social media correspondence, mailers, or flyers, the colors and design makes a difference. If your brand looks cheap, more than likely those are the clients you will attract.
  • Influences perception. The way people perceive you is the reality they live in. If your brand doesn’t look trustworthy or is inconsistent it causes people to question how legit you really are at what you do.

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