7 Free And Proven Tools To Drive Growth In Your Business


On today's episode we are discussing 7 FREE and proven tools to drive growth in your business.

We cover:

  1. Social Media - What social platforms are most popular and how you can use it to leverage sales.
  1. Slack - Slack just makes internal communication a breeze. Instead of back and forth emails, text, calls you can use Slack’s cleaner and easier conversation flow. This tool also integrates with hundreds of other tools so your information can stay in one place.
  1. SCORE - SCORE.org provides free online learning opportunities as well as confidential in person mentoring services with volunteer entrepreneurs with years of business ownership experience.
  1. Canva - I think everyone is familiar with Canva. But if you haven’t heard of it, it’s the top tool to create and edit graphics for social media or your website. Its intuitive to use and will save you a lot of time.
  1. Wave - Wave is a free accounting tool that includes invoice services, receipt management and general financial tracker.
  1. Zapier - This tool allows you to automate social sharing, get on top of to do lists, make sure your team doesn’t forget deadlines… and thousands of other tasks. Everything is done via automation so all you do is connect different services and tools. If “this” happens “then” this happens.
  1. Sumo.com - Sumo offer a whole suite of tools that will help you generate real growth. All of their tools integrate with your website to grow your email subscribers, reduce cart abandonment and increase order value. It’s easy to install and they offer a forever free plan.

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