How a Real Estate Agent Can Win On LinkedIn


In today's episode, we talk about how a real estate agent can win on LinkedIn:

  1. Use LinkedIn native video to your advantage - The relative new service is being underused by professionals. Including ourselves. Make sure to use it effectively by providing value, guidance, expertise instead of selling. Your job is to establish yourself as a professional in your industry.
  1. Connect with other agents in different cities to create a referral network - This is huge. By connecting with other agents you’re able to help your clients that are moving to different cities in the US. This could also work for other professionals to connect with people in your industry to exchange ideas.
  1. CREATE content, don’t just share and sell - By creating a consistent posting strategy, professionals can grow their following, increase their credibility, and become an authority, which naturally turns into capturing more leads.
  2. Make connections, give recommendations.

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