How To Become The Subject Matter Expert For Dentistry In Your Area


To clarify, if you are in a metroplex, most people are only going to travel about 5 miles to visit your location. If you live in a rural area, you may get a little bit more, but there aren’t anyways to become a dentist virtually, that we know of, YET. This episode is perfect for that dentist that is just starting out or the one trying to stay ahead of the curve in technology so new dentists don’t pass them up.

  1. Focus on community engagement 

Join your local chamber of commerce, networking group, and local club like a rotary or Lions.

  1. Content creation 

Find a way to put out content to help your audience, the more frequent the better. Whether it’s a blog, podcast, video, etc. If you can work up to doing all of the above, that would be ideal. Don’t worry, your competition isn’t doing much, you know it’s true because right now you probably aren’t doing much either.

  1. Sponsorships

Sponsor local events or charities, but the trick here is to sponsor areas that you actually care about. Throwing money at something isn’t always going to work, find something you are passionate about and that will inadvertently do much better. 

  1. Digital + offline advertising 

Put gasoline behind your fire. If what you are doing is working, put advertising spend behind it. Do not go to this step first, if you don’t have good content then adding more money behind it won’t help you long-term. Collect email addresses + mailing addresses and stay in touch with your contacts at least once per week.


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