How Local Businesses Can Network Effectively


Hey, guys, this is going to be a super fun episode for you because it was for us. This is actually how we built our business networking locally. And if you are a local business owner, this is a great way for you to build your business, too.

We're going to give you Four (4) tips on How To Network Most Effectively And Grow Your Business using those for tips or tactics. And I think there's a lot of insight here, and it's probably a little bit against conventional wisdom of what you've heard about networking. So enjoy!

  1. Show up to meetings regularly

a. Every major chamber has weekly networking meetings and other networking groups will meet regularly. Attendance and showing up is the number one way to get business because people need to see you multiple times and hear your message in multiple ways before making a decision. Don’t assume you’ll get business after showing up to three meetings.

        2. Get involved

a. It’s one thing to show up to networking events, it’s another to do more than par for the course. Showing is absolutely step one and you are going to get some business, but getting involved as an ambassador, joining a board or committee will help you stand out even more. The time commitment for some leadership roles is very low, but the perceived value is much higher.

         3. One-on-ones are crucial

a. Showing up to meetings and being a leader in a meeting are all good, but getting the chance to sit down with someone one-on-one, you really get to tell your story and more importantly hear someone else's. This is NOT  an opportunity to sell, but it is an opportunity for you to shine by helping the person across from you close another deal or be a connector for them. As Zig famously said, you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

         4. Add value in your 30 second commercial OR tell stories.

a. Selling all of the time in a 30 second commercial is waste. Why? Because everyone else is going to be trying to perfect their 30 second commercial and won’t listen to you. If you add value, people are a lot more likely to tune in when you have something to say, SO, when you do actually have something to sell, your audience is primed.


What do you think about this episode? We’d love to hear from you! Share us your suggestions, comments or questions. And we’d love to include that on our next show.

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Hope y'all enjoyed this episode! We'll see you guys next week for another episode of The Marketing Natives!

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