[Case Study] How Jace Beeny Used Messenger To Generate A 17.8X ROAS


ROAS - Return on Ad Spend

Yeah, a 17.8x Return on investment for the business!

This is the mantra that businesses are advocating for.. “What is my return?”

It’s not everyday that Facebook allows you to be a case study on their website… or like ever.

Jace is our guest today and he is an online advertising expert practicing his craft since he was 15 years old. He and his client, Beddy’s, took a Memorial Day sale to the next level when they launched their messenger campaign.

Jace is sharing with us the exact messenger strategy he used to generate the amazing ROI, how you can implement it, AND  you can copy the funnel over to your Manychat account by going here: https://www.jacebeeny.com/share.html

In this episode, we cover:

  • Jace’s strategy for the holiday campaign that generated a 17.8x ROAS
  • How Facebook got involved and did a case study about their campaign
  • How Jace started his business and his goals for the future
  • Jace’s current Netflix binge
  • Advice he would give himself if he had to start all over again

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