3 Ways to Get MORE FOLLOWERS on Clubhouse

3 Ways to Get MORE FOLLOWERS on Clubhouse

What's up guys? Welcome to the BitBranding channel. This blog is going to be very helpful because you're going to see behind the scenes of exactly how to grow a following on Clubhouse, which actually is a part of the strategy section of our ECOMM Accelerator Process. I'm going to be sharing with you the absolute fastest way for you to grow on Clubhouse. 

All right, before we get started, I just wanted to say hey and welcome everybody who's new. My name is Aaron. I'm one of the co-founders here at BitBranding. 

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With that, let's get started. 

Create A Bio

So tip number one is to create an amazing bio. 

Create A Bio

This is going to be the first thing that people see and just a quick tip, this is brand new as of March of 2021. The first three lines in your bio are actually visible when somebody clicks on your head. So I will jump into a room and pull up some profiles. If I click on Keith here, you can see he only has two lines that are hit up that he has right here.

quick tip

However, if I go into John, he's got three lines. Same with Irene, she's got three lines. 

three lines

three lines

So in your bio, when you're inside of a room, you can see the first three lines. So, huge tip right here: make sure that your first three lines are incredibly powerful. 

So, after you're done looking at their profile, you have the first three lines that are visible. You can check out people, so I'm just going to pull up some people that I know personally who have great profiles and what we're going to see here is I'm going to break down a little bit more about what makes their profile so good.

So this first person is Andrea. She's got about three thousand, almost four thousand followers here. You see her first three lines are about what she does well, which is Squarespace, rebranding, she helps entrepreneurs take it to the next level. The next thing is that she is a curator and creator of certain clubs. Then, she walks through about who she is in her bio. So she's a six figure designer. She loves traveling. She's married, she has a heart centered business. 


What this does is tells you more about her and then she jumps into her services. So she has VIP days, wedding or website design, et cetera. 


So she has a lot of really good information that makes you want to read more. So you find out more about her business and how she can help you more about her personally. And then, she also jumps into or dives into more so how you can take action with her. And then, every profile is either connected through Twitter or Instagram. So you can click on their Instagram profile and that's where the conversation gets moved to as well. So that's just one example. 

Let's pull up one more person. All right. So this one is Taryn. She has her first lines that says clubhouse and Instagram strategist's here to help female entrepreneurs. So she's helping out female entrepreneurs in their business take on social media fearlessly. 

helping out

Again, she goes in a little bit more about what she talks about, who she is, fun facts about Clubhouse, and then how you can take action, which is to follow her on Instagram, where she takes you to the next level.

next level

OK, so that's tip number one. Make sure you have an amazing Clubhouse bio. 

Make Sure You Can Add Value

Tip number two is to find a club that you're interested in and add value to it. 

Make Sure You Can Add Value

So when you log in the Clubhouse, you're going to see rooms that are available right here. The first ones are clubs that you're joining.


So, just a real quick recap. If you see the rooms right here, these are all rooms, but you can be part of clubs. I'm pushing down here on the bottom right and you can actually see active clubs. 

quick recap

active clubs

So, Website Hub is active, Fire Club is active and What It Takes To Run A Million Dollar Business is active. What that means, those people who are part of that club are getting a notification. There's a room that's actually available. So it goes clubs and then rooms that are underneath it. So think of it as like you go into the building and inside of there there are multiple rooms. And what people look at it this way is like if you click over on the right hand side, this is kind of the hallway here where you can see your friends who are online, find out which spots they are actually live on and jump into a room and talk to them. 

Website Hub is active

What Clubhouse does really well is says, hey, what are your interests and what is something that you think is valuable? Find those rooms, find those clubs, join those places, and more importantly, go into a room. So, I’m going to start a room right now by myself. 

start a room

In the bottom right hand corner you can raise a hand and then at that point, if you have your hand raised, you can be called up on stage to speak. When you're called up on stage, you can actually speak freely and add value. 

bottom right hand corner

What's actually important right now is I’m speaking to the people in the room, saying “hey, guys, we actually have some people jumping on. This is recording just an FYI. So if you don't want to be recorded, go ahead and jump out. I'm actually recording this for a YouTube video.” 

YouTube video

This is exactly how people are going to join the room and what you can see below it is that if I follow those people, they're actually going to be moved up. So there's other people who are in the room, it looks like Yash is in the room. I don't necessarily follow him. He jumped into the room, maybe finds some value here. But Zane, Andrea and Cody, I do follow them. So they're actually in a higher tier right now. 

join the room

So when you're thinking about Clubhouse and you're thinking about a way that you can not only grow your influence in your following and grow your brand here, you need to be looking at ways that you can get into rooms, raise your hand, add value to people and join communities of people on there as well. So that's exactly what you should do here. 

add value to people

That's it for tip number two. Please make sure that you get on there and you sign up for interests that are valuable to you and that you can add value to because that's going to be the best way for you to grow your sphere of influence. 

So if you've gotten this far, our next tip is the number one tip and the fastest way for you to grow on clubhouse. I know you're going to love it, so check it out. 

Create Your Own Club

Number three, and probably the fastest way for you to grow on Clubhouse is to create your own club or team up with somebody who is an admin on a club or an owner of a club. 

Create Your Own Club

So when you go to somebody's profile, you can look at my profile here down at the bottom. I'm a member of Website Hub. 

Website Hub

This was started by my friend Andrea. I'm one of the admins here up at the top. What's happening here is that she's drawing members to the page. They're encouraging people who joined the page to follow us, admins as well. 

joined the page

But more importantly, when you go live in this room, everybody who's part of that club gets a notification and says, hey, somebody in the Website Hub is live. 

We actually just created one as well called The Optimized Store Owner. 

Optimized Store Owner

I think we have like three people in there right now. But this is for e-commerce business owners who are trying to sell more products online and scale through Facebook and Instagram ads. And so anybody who joins our club will get notified when we do rooms in here as well. 

for e-commerce business owners

So what you want to do is create your own club and invite people to join that club. What I would suggest first, though, is teaming up with somebody who has a decent amount of followers or a decent amount of people in their club and add value to that person and team up with them where there may be some gap so you guys can team up together. 

One of those people for me again has been Andrea. I've shown her profile a few times. 


We've teamed up in a group that has about nine or ten thousand club members and we go live every single week together and now are admins together in another group. So this is a way that we've helped each other grow and we've added more value to people. But more importantly, it's also grown the follower account and I've gotten tons of direct messages and conversations that I never would have had before because of those rooms. The way that this actually grows, your following is a couple of ways. One, if you become an admin, it's always encouraged to follow the admin. So you get followers that way. But secondly, hosting rooms consistently every week, a couple of times per week and adding value, those value bombs are what's going to be able to bring in more followers, because when you have the mic in your hand, you're seen as an authority and if you add value on top of that, it just makes it super easy for somebody to follow you. 

But it all goes back to our first tip, which is to have an amazing bio. When you add tons of value, you're in clubs and rooms that you can add value to, and then you are the one who is a moderator or an admin. You are now running the stage and growing the room. And when you do that, you're going to have so much more of an influence. More people are going to follow you and you're going to see your follower count go up like crazy. So what I would encourage you to do is go and either start your own club or join forces with somebody else who already has a following and a club and you guys can collaborate with as well. 

All right, guys, thank you so much for checking out this blog. If you want to learn more about growing your e-commerce business online, make sure to schedule a call today by clicking here.

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