The rise of stories; What you need to know


What are stories? In short, for most platforms they are 15 second, slice of life style videos that disappear after 24 hours. We can all thank Snapchat for the introduction and IG for the explosion. 

  1. Stories have blown up! We now are seeing stories on YouTube and LinkedIn. It’s also voted as one of the top three places people are watching videos online!

  2. 73% of marketers uploaded 2 or more marketing videos to YouTube in the last month

  3. 72% of marketers post branded content to Facebook Stories once a week or more
  4. Audiences want brand Stories to be useful, easy, and authentic
  5. Go make your own story on your favorite platform if you haven’t. Share them with us @bitbranding on FB and Instagram

Stories are no longer a secondary format, a lot of people on Instagram go to stories and enjoy those more than they do the posts. Quick tip: Using IG stories actually helps you get more engagement on your posts. 

Whether you are a veteran or novice when it comes to stories, we can all agree that they are going to stick around and are only growing in popularity, so it only makes sense for you, as a business, to adopt the feature. 


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