5 Free Traffic sources for new websites

5 Free Traffic sources for new websites

To successfully grow your business online, you have to have more traffic. It’s a numbers game, the more people on your site, the more chances to get more customers. In today’s episode we are going to give you 5 Free Traffic Sources for new websites!

  1. Youtube - Google owns YouTube, yes, but when you tell people to go to a specific URL on your website, a lot of the time they will Google it and that helps with search traffic.

  2. Podcast tours - Reach out to people in your niche that you can add value to and make sure that on the podcast you have something for the listeners to get off of your website. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF, quiz, etc. But you want them going to your website and for you to collect their email addresses.

  3. Pinterest - You want to get a ton of pins, the more pins, the more traffic. The key to being successful long-term is sharing 30-50 pins per day. 


  1. Facebook Groups - 200 million people are part of a meaningful group. FB is switching to a more private experience. Share content, build a community, create videos and in the videos tell them to go to your website.

  2. Udemy Courses - Create a Free Udemy course, the site gets 68 million people per month! Yeah, that’s a lot of traffic. In your course, tell people about other opportunities for free content on your website and give them a specific URL to go to. 


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