Momo Shack - Samples Don’t Sell; Believe in the product


In today’s episode we have the crew from Momoshack, a Dallas based pop-up brand specializing in Nepali/Himalayan dumplings, AKA momos. If you love origin stories, food, and unconventional wisdom, this is a must listen for you.

We talk about: 

  • LeBron vs Kobe 
  • How Momo Shack started and how you can learn from them
  • Zain Gaziani and how he introduced us to the crew at Momo Shack 
  • What the future looks like for this pop-up shop start-up
  • How to win at your morning routine with Hal Elrod 
  • How to overcome mistakes and turn it into massive success 


All of this and more! 


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