9 hidden features you're not using on Instagram


9 hidden features you're not using on Instagram

1. Hide unwanted tagged photos 

a. Show where this is at first. In the app go to Settings -- Privacy -- Tags and toggle. 

2. Link in bio

a. Use https://later.com/free-link-in-bio/ personally one of the best I’ve used. 

3. Share a story to your main feed

a. Talk about how it’s popular to do it the other way. Go to your story. Click the 3 little dots and hit ‘Share as Post…’. 

4. Turn on Instagram post notifications

a. If you see a post from someone you like you can click the 3 dots and hit ‘Turn On Post Notifications’ this will allow you to get notified every time that person posts. 

5. Set up quick replies

a. Go to Settings -- Business -- Quick Replies. This one works a bit different from Facebook because you have to set up shortcodes like LMA or T4T in order for the Quick Replies to show on your conversation. 


6. Access more colors in IG stories

a. Just tap and hold the color options to show full color wheel. 

7. Copy and paste images in IG stories

a. Copy an image from your phone and when you go back to your Stories you will see it available as a Sticker. 

8. Sneak peek of new post

a. Put picture in first then tap color you want background set to and just tap and hold on background and you will get a full color display. Which you can erase to reveal the picture behind it. 

9. Hide old posts without deleting them

a. You can archive instead of deleting. Hit the 3 dots and click Archive. This will keep it in the archive until you decide to unarchive it.

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