3 Ways To Optimize Your Clothing Website To Increase Sales


In today's episode, we talk about 3 ways to optimize your clothing website to increase sales:

1. Get rid of the hamburger menu and automatic sliders - Automatic sliders have become quite famous in the last few years. But nowadays you want to avoid these. They are distracting and deter people from your CTA. You will need hamburger menus for mobile but it is recommended that you include text with them to facilitate your navigation. Avoid hamburger menus on your desktop version. You want for customer to find items in the least amount of clicks possible.

2. It needs to run fast - If there is something that you should ALWAYS be doing to optimize your website.. It should be speed. There are numerous studies that show having a faster website improves conversions and sales. First you should run a speed test on your site from multiple sources to get an understanding of your current situation. Usually these websites will give you suggestions on what to improve.

3. Create videos for your all products - Another way to increase sales is to show more of your product with videos! Not a lot of ecommerce website take advantage of videos but in reality a lot of customers are going to YouTube to check out your product. I know I’ve done it for shoes multiple times. Why not create YouTube videos of your clothing, shoes and accessories and embed those videos in your product pages? It’s easy to do, but maybe a little time consuming.

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