6 tips for accomplishing your marketing goals


Y’all, how’s your goal setting coming along? Are you knocking this month outta the park? Or has it taken a hard turn like getting yourself 4 gallons of Blue Bell after swearing this is the year was different? On today’s episode we are going to talk about tips for accomplish your marketing goals. 

  1. Decide who is accountable for setting goals. Marketing teams prefer a hybrid approach where setting goals is a balance of top-down and bottom-up. They both have their benefits and downfalls that’s why taking a hybrid approach and combining data can be the best approach.

  2. Allocate enough time, money, and resources. To generate more leads you have to do things you probably haven’t done before, which also means you may have to spend more to make more. Depending on what your goals are, there is going to be a testing phase that will require time, money, and resources. Make sure to plan accordingly.

  3. Think big. Do you know what BHAGs are? These are Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Always set your goals higher than your expectations. You will be surprised on what you can accomplish. 

  1. Set measurable growth goals. Saying you want to grow your Instagram account isn’t enough. Define it. Instead, set the goal of increasing followers by 50 each month.

  2. Set both micro and macro goals. Setting micro goals allows you to get a quick win and feel accomplished. Make sure the that the micro goals do lead up to a macro goal

  3. Set goals based on revenue targets. This one is a bit self-explanatory. Understand what you want your revenue to hit this year and work backward to figure out how to get there.



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