6 hidden features you’re not using on Facebook

  1. Spy on your competition ads 

           a. They used to have this feature on a per page basis but have moved it to a dedicated Ads Library. Facebook.com/ads/library. Here you can type the name of the  page of your competition and see what type of ads they are running, copy, media, impressions, money spent, and demographics. 


  1. Messenger automated responses + ‘Saved replies’

            a. Head over to ‘Inbox’ and click on Automated Responses. In here you will see a lot of options you can toggle to unlock these features. The messages are highly customizable. Setting up “Away times” click on speech bubble with green dot. 

            b. ‘Saved replies’ for when you have the same response to the same questions. Click on a convo and click the speech bubble with 3 dots. The ‘Saved Replies’ box will pop up. You can personalize messages just like the ‘Automated Responses’


  1. Posts in multiple languages

            a. Go to Settings -- General -- Post In Multiple Languages -- Allow . Go back to create a post.

  1. Photo carousel for blog posts and links

           a. Links to outside blogs or pages are usually frowned upon. But photo carousels usually do good. 


  1. Ban people from your page

          a. Settings -- People and Other Pages -- Checkmark the person -- Gear icon -- Ban from page.


  1. Link sharing debugger 

          a. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/ and just paste your URL to see what Facebook sharing information will show up. 


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