4 ways to find subscribers when no one knows you yet


You know the early days. Where you count for five of the eight views on a recently published blog and co-workers are the other three.


You’re just starting out! It’s the beginning. You’re ready to write and get thousands of views and subscribers. But nothing really happens. There are certain things you can do to help you out. The real question is what are you willing to do to get those views?


  1. Be ready for the traffic you get. In the beginning you won’t get much people but what you can do with those few people is make sure you have other content for them to look at, interesting layout, and an easy way to capture email leads.

  2. Answer the right questions. Find out what questions your target audience is asking and answer them. Simple. This gives you a stream of fresh content that your audience is already looking for. 
  1. Be a social butterfly. We’re not saying you have to become the next Kardashian on Instagram. We recommend two 10-minute social sessions where you can post on your own profile, comment in a social group (like Facebook), or create relationships with other people.

Take one controversial stand. This is the internet and there’s potential for controversy in any strong statement. Do some real research. Question your own biases. Weigh the evidence and consider other points of view. Be willing to be swayed by reliable evidence that contradicts your assumptions.

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