5 Things Every Restaurant Needs To Be Doing On Instagram


Instagram and food pictures go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. And today we're going to give you five (5) things that every restaurant needs to be doing on Instagram.

  • Take gorgeous pictures - This one is a given. Instagram is a visual platform and your photos better match up with some of the best photos on the platform. You have two options; hire a photographer or invest in some equipment. The latter could turn out to be a nightmare when you take into account not only the camera but lenses, lighting, editing software, etc.
  • Create Instagram Stories daily - Instagram Stories help you get discovered and it’s a more personal way to interact with followers. Everytime we post Instagram Stories we see an uptick in profile views. You probably want to be creating 6-10 story posts daily. Extra tip: It’s absolutely crucial to be an early adopter of the tools that Instagram introduces. Usually platforms push that content first.
  • Use your DMs - Using direct messages can deepen the relationship with your followers and turn some followers into actual customers. You can also combine the new Instagram Stories chat sticker to create offers and discounts to a select group of followers. Possibilities here are endless.
  • Use local popular hashtags - You can still use #food #foodie but don’t let that be the bulk of your hashtags. Those are great for general engagement but you really want to engage with your community locally. For example for a restaurant in Plano, I would look at #PlanoFoodie, #RestaurantPlano, etc. These hashtags will increase your visibility locally.
  • Create relationships with food bloggers/influencers - Here in the Dallas area alone we have hundreds of food influencers on Instagram with thousands of followers. They share their favorite, hottest, best food spots around so it’s important to create these relationships and even work with a few of them. They can promote your business by just posting a beautiful picture.


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