Local Marketing Tactics for Auto Hail Repair Shops


On today's episode we're going to talk about Four (4) Local Marketing Tactics For Your Auto Repair Shops. And we're switching it up in this podcast. Christian and I are trying something completely different. You're going to want to listen to this episode.

Here are some key points to this episode:

  • Reputation in this industry is key. Chances are you are going to make the bulk of your money for the year when a storm hits and consumers are going to shop. What are they looking for? Reviews and other people who have tried you out! The best approach is to be omnipresent and get reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce. Nothing gives you the seal of approval like a local business owner shouting you out on their Facebook page or NextDoor.
  • Facebook lead ads! You should be offering a no deductible, no out of pocket, and a free rental car to incentivize people, but to reach people, using Facebook ads would be an effective way to gather information and generate leads. Bonus if you use messenger.
  • The post-it note on the windshield - yes we all hate that, but if done tactfully it could really work. You should not just go out doing this aimlessly. But keep them with you and if you see a car with hail damage, put it on the car. It should say hey, can you give me a call? With your number. Then when they call, apologize if they thought you hit their car and explain and how you would like to help.


What do you think about this episode? We’d love to hear from you! Share us your suggestions, comments or questions. And we’d love to include that on our next show.

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Hope y'all enjoyed this episode! We'll see you guys next week for another episode of The Marketing Natives!

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