Marketing Magic: How to Make Effective Social Media Posts

Marketing Magic: How to Make Effective Social Media Posts

A social media presence is practically a necessity in modern marketing, but it can be difficult making the right choices. As a promotional tool, it pays to make your social posts fit your overall marketing strategy. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Understand Your Audience

There are many benefits to content marketing, but unless you understand your audience first, posting content won’t have the intended effect. You can't post quality content if you don't know what audiences are looking for. Most of the major social sites and some third-party services provide analytic tools so you can determine just who your target audience is and what kind of content they prefer. You can even track the success of your competitor's posts to see what works for them. Encourage feedback from your own followers for further insights into what they'd like to see.

A Process of Ideation

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is that you have to keep coming up with fresh content. Rehashing your own or someone else's ideas is going to get stale fast, and reflect badly on you. Coming up with new ideas has to be an integral part of your posting process. You don't necessarily want to push products on social media or focus on promoting yourself. You want to engage audiences. To keep your posts interesting, spend some time at least weekly brainstorming for new ideas.

Shareable Content

The most important lesson to be learned is that you want to be able to convert loyal followers into brand advocates. People that are hooked on your content will share it with friends, and they with their friends, and so on. Ask yourself on every post: "Is this content shareable?" Is it something that will strike a chord even with people who don't know your brand? Come up with meaningful photos, videos, memes, or great stories and track your likes, retweets, and so forth so you know what's getting shared and what isn't.


Search engine optimization is a critical part of your content marketing, including social media profiles. Every page on the web is indexed by the search engines according to keywords. Find the most searched-for keywords for your niche, and incorporate those into your social posts. Link back to pages on your company website that have the same keywords. Learn the tips and tricks to SEO and integrate them into your social pages as well as your blog or company site.

Content Marketing

This is simply creating and sharing online content to generate interest in your business. It's easy to get caught up in the complexities of SEO, analytics, and many other aspects of developing the best web presence. But it's important that you never lose sight of the fact that content marketing is all about providing fresh, informative content that helps you build and maintain a following. It might be videos, quotes, clever cartoons, funny mascots, or whatever else fits your company and works for your audience. Just be sure it forms a consistent idea of who you are as a company.

Content is about starting conversations building relationships. If you can do this, your following will keep growing.To learn more about what BitBranding can do for your website and your social media presence, contact us today!

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