4 Videos Every Company Needs on Their YouTube Channel

4 Videos Every Company Needs on Their YouTube Channel

In early 2017, YouTube announced that worldwide users were watching more than 1 billion hours of video per day. All the way back in late 2015, YouTubers were uploading more than 500 hours of video per minute, and those numbers have only grown exponentially ever since. There is no doubt that internet users are mass consumers of video, so if you do not have a YouTube channel and are not using it to promote your brand actively, you are missing out on a significant opportunity. Here are four videos every company needs on their YouTube channel.

Brand Story Video

Consumers no longer simply buy products, they follow brands. Brands are no longer just logos; they are the identity of your company. Your company has a story, and that story is the story of your brand. If there's anything that all human beings love, it's a great story. So use your YouTube channel to tell your story with a brand story video. Take this Xyngular youtube page, for example—their homepage video is a brand story video that focuses on the narrative of who they are as a company, what their goals are, and the happiness their product brings to their customers. Create a video for your brand that incorporates similar elements, and showcase it on social media channels.

Product feature video

Pictures of your product are great, but a video gives you the opportunity to point out essential features of your product and even show how your product can be used. Before anyone is going to buy your product they have to get excited about it. Product feature videos are your opportunity to get people excited about your product. For example, this video by Lumify combines multiple good principles to create an effective product feature video. It showcases the design of the product, explains its features, gives an example of a scenario where the product should be used, demonstrates how it functions, and tells the customer where to buy the product.

Customer testimonial video

When text messaging first arrived on the scene, there were often misunderstandings between people texting because it was difficult to interpret tones through a text alone, for example a sincere comment versus a sarcastic comment. These miscommunications were cut back upon the arrival of emojis and gifs. It turns out that we rely heavily on people's faces for cues with which to interpret what they are saying. No amount of exclamation points after a positive review of your product will ever be a match for actually watching someone's face light up when they talk about it. Yum Yum created an example of an engaging customer testimonial video by combining cuts of the customer testimonial with music, animated images, and thoughtful questions.

Company culture videos

Once again, people don't just buy products. They follow brands. Part of establishing brand loyalty is helping consumers understand what your business is about and what your brand stands for. Your company culture is the embodiment of that. Company culture videos are not just important for your employees; they are important to your consumers as well. In this video, GoDaddy put together an interesting company culture video that allows many employees to have a voice, saying positive things about the company, its products, and about the customers. It also shows off the location of the business and some of the inner workings of the team behind the business. A good company culture video humanizes the business, makes the employees more relatable to customers, and demonstrates the value your services have in your community.

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then even the shortest video is worth a novel. Remember, today's corporate giants don't just have clients and consumers, they have audiences. If you want to build and maintain an audience on social media, tell them a series of great stories on your YouTube channel.

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