How To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate For Your Clothing Brand

How To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate For Your Clothing Brand

Hey, guys, Christian here and today we're going to be talking about the three conversion killers and what to do to fix them. Let's get started. 

Over 60% of buyers leave their shopping carts without completing a purchase, and they don't come back to complete the checkout unless you incentivize them to do so. But we don't want to just end up giving away discounts to all these customers all the time. Instead, I want to show you some simple ways you can fix your checkout process so you could reduce cart abandonment and boost your conversion rates. 

Make It Visible

So coming in at number one is that your Add To Cart is not visible. 

Make It Visible

You'd be surprised how often an interested shopper browses through your store, picks an item, actually adds it to the cart only to forget all about it 15-20 minutes later. The fault usually lies with a shopping cart button that is barely optimized, and it doesn't turn attention to itself when someone Adds To Cart. So you need to make sure that the theme you've selected has an obvious Add To Cart animation as well as a sticky cart if that's available. So the best ones are going to be the ones that you click add to Cart and it will show you the animation. Maybe the side cart pops out, maybe a little pop up, then it has a button to continue shopping, et cetera, or a number, a tally number at the very top on your cart that shows you how many items are in your cart. 


Now, before we move on to number two, I just want to say welcome to everyone new, my name is Christian Piñon, one of the co-founders here at BitBranding.

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Don’t Make Them Register

Now, number two is that you're making them register. 

Don’t Make Them Register

25% of shoppers abandon their purchases because they are forced to create an account. People want instant gratification, not a commitment to your brand before even making a first purchase. So make sure that you go to your settings and you set a cart registration as optional. Now we're going to jump into the computer and show you exactly where that's at.

Here we have our Lil’ Bits Treats homepage. We're going to go to settings and then we're going to go to check out.

Lil’ Bits Treats homepage


Customer Accounts is the second box, right after Style. 

Customer Accounts

It shows your accounts are disabled. 

accounts are disabled

Customers will only be able to check out as guests. You have optional and then you have the required. We would highly recommend you do the optional. Optional still gives your customer the ability to, next time they come back, they have an account with you and they can input their email or potentially their phone number and they just can check out a lot quicker. So I would highly recommend doing accounts are optional. 

accounts are optional

After you do that, you want to click save and that's it. 

Offer Free Shipping

The third conversion killer is shipping costs. 

Offer Free Shipping

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of discounts in general, and I think it cheapens the brand a little bit. I think of J.C. Penney's never ending sale. So the best alternative is to offer free shipping. So charging for shipping can cost you a lot. It says 61% of customers said that they would cancel an online order if not offered free shipping. Now, what if you have to charge for shipping? Let's say you're selling the big blue locker you normally see behind our backs in videos and it costs $200, then to ship it, it could cost another $10-$15. For that, you do have to be upfront about it. So you would probably want to include shipping cost information in the product page. So that has to be a must. But the number one thing that's probably causing people to leave is that you're not offering free shipping. So consider doing that and consider watching our next video. 

So our next video is going to be how to set up your shipping information on your Shopify store. You can find that video here.

shipping rates

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