How To Grow From Six Figures Per Year To Six Figure Months

How To Grow From Six Figures Per Year To Six Figure Months

Hey, what's up, y'all, it's Aaron here, and today I'm going to challenge you to think bigger and in this blog I'm going to give you the keys to taking your clothing brand or boutique from six figures per year to six figures per month. 

Make sure that you stick around to the end because I'm going to give you one secret to success that I guarantee 99% of online store owners won't do. 

Focus On One Audience

So number 1 is to niche down so much that it hurts. 

niche down

Now, I didn't say that these tips were going to be easy. Honestly, they're probably not, but they are proven. So stick with me here. Think of your business like a circle of opportunity, right? When you're the only one in the circle, then you are a monopoly and you will dominate because you're literally the only option. But once someone comes in, once competition comes into play, it's a lot harder to keep the same piece of the pie. Somebody's going to take a piece, and especially when other brands have more time, more people and more money. This is why niching down to one audience will allow you to completely penetrate the market and not have to worry about the competition. The more niche equals the more opportunities. 

Welcome One And All

Before we move on to number number two, I just want to say howdy. What's up? My name is Aaron, and if you've been watching for a while, thank you so much. If you're new, hello, welcome to the Channel. 

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Every. Customer. Matters.

So let's get back to this. Number two is that every customer, or at bat that you get matters. 

Every Customer Matters

So for every customer, you have an opportunity to make them a dedicated repeat buyer. It's no longer about the transaction, but about the experience pre purchase and post purchase. Now, 1 out of every 100 customers has 10,000 followers on social media. Now, I don't really know if that's true but let's just roll with it here. So 1 out of every 100 customers has 10,000 followers on social media. Maybe they have 5,000. But what they'll do is they will share it with their friends and it increases your sales literally overnight by them sharing it with them. Stories, posts, it doesn't matter. Most of the time, those who are able to scale to six figures care about their customers… an intangible result that you can’t measure, but is often overlooked.

Collect Data

Number three, this one is super powerful and valuable and it is just really, really important. This is to collect as much data as possible. 

Collect Data

Now, outside of your website and your email address, you don't own any data out there, which means that if Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc decided to change the way your products are shown online or the costs rise because you didn't focus on number one which was to niche down, you lose out on sales and profit. 

So on your website, you must be collecting email addresses. After doing tons of research and talking with a lot of people in the field, asking for an email address does not affect the user experience. Plus, three fourths of people will never come back to your site on their own. So every single visit is extremely valuable. Do not sleep on email collection and go check out this tool called Sumo to set it up. It's a free email collection. We don't get paid anything. It is completely free to sign up. We don't get paid a dime for this, but go check it out. It's called Sumo



Hey, but wait, there's more! This is one of those parts where you don't want to skip over. Before we get to these last few, I wanted to tell you guys about our free training master class that will walk you through the five pillars that need to be in place for your online store to scale consistently and profitably, no matter what's going on in the world around you. So make sure that you check out this link and go watch that free less than 20 minute training.


Saturate The Market

So next up is to saturate the market. 

Saturate The Market

Go to where your audience is online and absolutely saturate it. If your audience is on Facebook, make sure that you're showing up there consistently. Not only should you be showing up organically, but jump on the most undervalued asset for clothing brands and boutiques, which is online advertising. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, start spending money in these areas to start saturating your market and being in front of your audience. 

Now, before we move forward, you need to remember that online advertising is only going to magnify what your business is already doing. For example, if you are not converting organic traffic, sending paid traffic to your site is only going to increase the cost and likely will result in zero sales. 

So this is a touchy subject, which is why we created a video on Facebook ads for clothing brands that are proven to work right now. So make sure that you go check out this video right here

clothing brand

Continue Learning

The very last tip, this one is super important, and it is to never stop innovating and learning. 

never stop innovating and learning

Now,  if you are not doing six figures, then you may not just get this step, you may not understand it. However, if you are doing six figures, you will. You're at a spot that you are right now because of the business choices, the sum of the past decisions that you've made in your business. All of those decisions have accumulated to put you where you're at right now. All you need to do to grow to six figures per month, to have six figure months is to focus your time on solving bigger problems. Now, there are a few things to consider here. So let's go into these a few things to consider as you are growing. 

Number one, employees, stakeholders, partners and customers. Spend quiet time in your business reading and testing what will take you to that next level? I don't know who told me this, but he said 

“If you want to see where you'll be in the next three years, look at the books that you're reading right now.” 

That's why I want to recommend three books that I absolutely love and that I think will help you get to that six figure mark. Right. These are all books that I've read, that I love and I think that you should check out as well. 

So number one is “Atomic Habits'' by James Clear to help you with your habit building. Number two is “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod to help you start your day off effectively to have the best day ever. And number three is “12 Months To One Million” by Ryan Daniel Moran. 

Atomic Habits

The Miracle Morning

12 Months To One Million

All right. So don't forget to spend time being quiet, whether it's using a tool like Headspace, meditating, praying, etc. Doing this will help you get clarity and direction for your life and your business. 

So if you like this blog, then you're going to love the video that I mentioned earlier about Facebook ads. Again, make sure you check it out right here That's going to help you grow your clothing brand online. 

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