How To Avoid Failure In Your Clothing Brand

How To Avoid Failure In Your Clothing Brand

Hi, guys, it's Aaron here, and today I'm going to be sharing with you why your clothing brand will fail unless you do this, including one marketing strategy that will not only help you sell more clothes, but will alleviate a ton of headaches. 



Number one is photography. 

Hands down the most important part of your brand online, you have to realize that people need to see the details of your product. Most importantly, they want to see what it would look like on themselves. 

lifestyle photography

If you put product photography and lifestyle photography together in the same spot, that would be a bonus. You want to paint the picture of what your audience will feel like and be like after they purchase your product. 

stop taking pictures

Not to go on a tangent here, but let's stop taking pictures in front of graffiti walls or on the train tracks. 

stop taking pictures in front of graffiti walls

stop taking pictures in front of graffiti walls

What the heck does this actually have to do with your brand? The answer is absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, there are cool photos, really cool for Instagram, but the only shirts you're going to sell are maybe to your Uncle Scott.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Before we move on to number two, I just want to say welcome, especially to everybody new. My name is Aaron. 


I'm one of the co-founders here at BitBranding and we've been helping frustrated store owners since 2015 become impactful store owners through tutorials, tactics and strategies. 

tutorials, tactics and strategies

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Product Descriptions

Alright, number two is product descriptions.

Product Descriptions

Outside of the visuals, the next big thing that could put you out of business and have all of your competitors snag up all of your sales is product descriptions and assurance. So how valuable is it to be able to read the quality of material, the type of the product and the situation that you would wear it in? And if I don't like it, could I return it for free? 


Quick tip. Returns don't happen often, but when you have great product descriptions and when you offer the free returns, you may lose a few dollars in the short run, but in the big picture, you're going to gain a lifelong customer if your product holds up. 

Lifetime Value customer

If you think this is insightful, wait until I break down the exact strategy that's going to help you promote your clothes and save a ton of time 

Have Personality

Number three. Develop your own personality. 

Develop your Personality

Whether you're starting your own brand of clothing or selling boutique style clothing handpicked by you, there's one thing that you must remember. You are what sets your brand apart from others. You can inject your language and flavor into the photography, the way that you write your own product descriptions, go live on Facebook or Instagram and people are going to gravitate towards you. 

One thing we've seen worked really well for brands and boutiques is to tie yourself to something you are passionate about. What is bigger than you that you're building this for? We want to get behind you in your mission, your why. Tell your story. 

Do Collection Drops

And lastly, number four, the absolute most important thing for you to do to help your brand stay out of the red zone is to set your business up to do collection drops. 

Release Collections

Build your clothing line around a season, style or theme. When you do this, you can pick up items to add to one page of your website, upsell those to people who have already purchased in the collection and discover their buying habits. You can then build anticipation and scarcity through that collection. 

Pick Up Items

Plus, how much cooler does it sound to say you had the Comodo collection drop versus, hey, we have new T-shirts? 

Social Media and Online Ads

One thing that I did not mention, but is something that will take you to the next level, is Facebook ads or Instagram ads, any type of online advertising. If you are one of those people who is already running Facebook ads and want to scale, make sure that you check out our video on how to scale your Facebook ads in five minutes. You can find that video here.

Facebook Ads

Alright you guys, thank you so much for reading. If you would like to watch our “How To” video on this subject, you can watch it here (. A lot of e-commerce brands have questions about how much they should be spending on Facebook. If this is you, leave a comment on the video with the word calculator and I'll share with you our Google spreadsheet so that you can plug and play and find out for your brand. 

Comment Calculator

Also, if you want to take even better pictures for your ads, you need our free lookbook for your online store. Just comment, “Lookbook” on the video as well, and we'll send that over to you. 

Comment Lookbook

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