Grow Your Business: 7 Genius Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Grow Your Business 7 Genius Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Did you know Facebook is the most accessed social media platform? If you have a growing business, Facebook is where you can get a large following of people who will be your potential clients.

Facebook marketing can help you reach billions of users that use social media every day. Read on to learn the 7 ways to use all the marketing tools Facebook offers

Marketing on Facebook

Brands across the world know the importance of having a Facebook account and engaging in online marketing. Not only does this offer them the chance to communicate with ease and get feedback from their clients, but it also makes it easier to do public relations activities. Also, it provides a great opportunity to market to their online audience.

Facebook is a great marketing space in which you can connect with your audience easily, build and develop your company's brand identity, and broaden your reach. Many businesses have taken advantage of this free marketing tool, and so can you.

Via Facebook, you can show your human side and enable customers to relate to your business brand. You can include posts which have some humor and information on what your business offers. Below are the 7 ways you can use the marketing tools offered by Facebook.

1. Facebook Marketing Research

Knowing your customer is very essential if you want to succeed in marketing your company. Before you apply your Facebook marketing strategy, you ought to study your audience well. This gives you the chance to know what content appeals to them and their interests.

  • Discover the individual pages and profiles that your fans have. This is to get an idea of what they like, their demographics, businesses, and to get an idea of an emerging pattern.
  • Look at the insights of your page. You can get information such as which posts interest them the most and the demographics of those who follow you.
  • Find out how big your market is. You can use the Facebook Polls option to get feedback from your fans on how they find, purchase and consume your product or service.
  • Use the Facebook search tool to get conversations that your target market engages in and to check the questions being asked related to your industry and the product or service that you offer.
  • Check your mini news-feed. This part is usually displayed on the right side of your Facebook window page. You can see the activity done by your connections.

Our professionals at Bit Branding can assist you to conduct proper Facebook marketing research.

2. Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook gives you the opportunity to create sponsored posts, which enables you to reach your target audience. You can also target those who follow you and their friends as well.

The goal of sponsored stories may be to get a larger audience, engage with your audience, increase app engagement, and boost website traffic.

There are 7 ways that are available for you to market your brands, depending on your goal. These include:

  • Page like. When a Facebook user likes your page, their friends see this activity.
  • Page post. Your current fans will be able to view your published posts on their timeline.
  • Page post like. The friends of those who like your page will see that your fan has liked a post you have published. This activity is noticeable within the past week.
  • App used and game shared. If someone used or played your Game app and shared this within the past month, their friends will be able to see this activity.
  • App shared. If someone shares a story from your App in the last week, their friends will be able to see this from your App.
  • Check-in. When users claim a deal or check-in online via Facebook within the past week, their friends will see this activity.
  • Domain. Someone who clicks on the share or like button which is plugged in your website, or someone who included a direct link to your website on their status update will get this content shared to their friends.

There is a ripple effect created when you market on Facebook since these activities are all directed to the friends of those who share the content from your page or interact with your store, site or page. If their friends also like or share the activity, it means more people for you.

3. Marketing a Product Launch via Facebook

Traditional marketing tools via paid advertisements and billboards are expensive compared to Facebook advertising. Through Facebook advertising, you will get a large audience and the ability to interact with that audience. You can build anticipation and broadcast your launch event when you are introducing a new product or service to the market.

You can use Facebook for business promotion in the following ways.

Facebook Live

By using Facebook live video, you can give your audience a sneak-peek into what shall be availed and also give them a behind-the-scenes look of what the team is working on.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be used to generate leads. To do this, post a simple form when you share a post advertising your product and request the audience to submit their information, after which they shall get something (such as a coupon code or a free e-book) in their mail in return.

In case of a product launch, this helps to build anticipation and create mystery around the product release prior to the launch. This is done so as to create a buzz and heighten the anticipation and excitement around the new product.

Facebook Influencers

Identify relevant influencers who are suitable to work with your brand and collaborate with them. They will be able to create a buzz and share the enthusiasm for the product being launched to your potential customers. You can check out these tips on how to work with a social media influencer.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways also provide an opportunity to create a buzz and more awareness around the product launch and your brand. In most cases, the contests and giveaways result in you having a larger number of followers since, to stand a chance at winning, the followers are expected to share the product page on their social media account and tag their friends.

Educational Posts

Create educational posts about your product. Since influencers may just communicate in a manner to create hype around your product, you may also consider publishing informational videos about your product. However, to retain the attention of your audience, make the videos engaging and entertaining.

Product Description

This explains the features of your new product to your target customers. To market your product, you will have to provide all the product details to your potential customers to enable them to make an informed choice.

Take Pre-Orders

If you have already determined the price of your product, you can share posts in which you mention that you are giving customers the chance to place pre-orders. This will also give you an idea of the stock you need to have ready for shipping by the product release date since you will factor in both the pre-orders and anticipated orders.

4. Facebook Messaging

Customers usually use platforms which they access easily and frequently to contact companies. Customers may ask about your product or service, and this brings about an opportunity to market your service. Therefore, you can make good use of Facebook messenger to answer the requests your customers and potential clients send.

A study conducted by Facebook revealed that over 400 million people use Facebook Messenger video and voice chat every month. The industries which majorly used Messenger to connect with their audience included those that provide professional services, those in the retail, media, and local entertainment industries, and those engaged in public good activities. You should also have a quick response time since this is also displayed on your Facebook page.

5. Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads are effective in reaching potential fans and customers. These are simple do-it-yourself means of tailoring your post to reach the target market. Through Facebooks Ads, you’re capable of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people.

Your business can also be among the ones that they can connect to. Small businesses can succeed with Facebook local ads. To set up your ad, you will have to do the following:

  • Choose your marketing objective (awareness, consideration or conversion).
  • Select your audience. You can select the audience depending on their age, location, gender, languages, and interests.
  • Decide your ad placements. This will be where you run your ad. This can be on Facebook, Messenger, Audience Network or across all the platforms.
  • Set your budget and schedule. You get to determine how much you would like to spend and the period over which you would like your ad to appear.
  • Pick the format of your ad. You can choose to have your ad displayed as a single image or video or as a slideshow.

After you place your order, you can then measure and manage your ad.

6. Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a community of people who have a similar interest. You can capitalize on this to increase your organic reach and have your brand advocates on a single platform.

Valuable conversations happen in such groups since the members discuss the company's service or product and how it can be improved. To keep the group active, you should continually keep the members engaged.

7. Facebook Posts

Facebook posts are used as a means to communicate with your audience. You can share information on what your company has to offer and also create and content which your audience can relate with. A social media presence can be created when you have an active Facebook business page.

When you start a conversation, you can start and build relationships with your potential market. To make effective Facebook posts, come up with creative and shareable content after you have understood your audience. You should also discover the best time to post in order to increase the chances of your post to be seen by your audiences.

Luckily, you have the chance to schedule your posts. In addition to content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing helps with increasing the visibility of your brand. SEO marketing helps in boosting the chances of your business coming up as a top result when someone searches for services or products you offer.

Using the keywords frequently when you post helps in creating brand presence and visibility. You should also focus on quality over quantity at all times. This means that instead of having fluff all over your timeline, you can have few but meaningful posts which help you to achieve your marketing goal.

Factors That Contribute to a Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

You can succeed in Facebook marketing if you focus on these key areas:

  • Video content
  • Budget for ads
  • Data-driven strategy
  • Audience insights

If you need help with social media marketing, you can hire a reliable agency which will spend your dollars wisely while still working effectively to increase your audience, traffic, engagement, and brand visibility.

How to Market Organically on Facebook

Organic marketing, in the traditional sense, avoids word of mouth. However, when it comes to the digital world, this is considered to be 'world of mouth'. When your audience likes or shares your posts, you will be able to reach other people who are your potential customers.

Organic reaches mean that the content was able to reach your audience on its own without you paying to promote the post. Organic sharing can be done by creating contests, calling for submissions, and engaging well with customers by answering their questions and compelling them to share your photos.

Get Genius Facebook Marketing Help

By hiring a marketing agency, your business, small or big, will get bigger results since you will be hiring experts. There are millions of advertisers on Facebook and you should not miss out on the marketing opportunity.

If you would like to get started on a Facebook marketing strategy scale up your small business, contact us.

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