The Power of Behaviorally Driven Automations: Boosting Conversions and Maximizing Revenue with Adam Robinson


Adam Robinson is the founder and CEO of Prior to this, Adam was a credit default swap trader at Lehman Brothers. After being inspired by his roommates who founded Vimeo, Adam transitioned into the tech industry and built an email newsletter app. Despite being up against dominant competitors like Mailchimp and Klayvio, Adam developed an identity resolution platform which allowed him to de-anonymize anonymous users on a website and deliver a deliverable email address. Essentially allowing brands to use this data to drive huge amounts of revenue. You'll learn these three things and more:

  1. How to impliment Behaviorally Driven Flows in Klayvio
  2. How to increase revenue with your existing flows
  3. And exactly how you can use it for your store (So good that I thought it was illegal)

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