How Zain Gaziani Landed His Dream Job With Garyvee


Should you chase your dreams?

When we were kids, our parents told us to, but as we grew older they quickly discouraged us from taking big leaps because it wasn’t ‘safe’.

Our guest today took an unpopular approach to his career and it paid off big-time. The rest is still to be determined, but we can guarantee you that he’s much happier now.

Even AFTER leaving a top spot at Amazon… he even turned down $50k because he didn’t want to stick around for six months. Zain is a friend of ours that we met through Instagram and who found his way on to #TEAMGARYVEE in a matter of months. You’re going to love his story and the process he took to be party of Gary’s team.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Selfies with Garyvee.
  • Quitting Amazon AND leaving $50k on the table.
  • Why following your dreams is ALWAYS the right answer?
  • How Zain went from FB group admin to the newest member of #TEAMGARYVEE on a whim.
  • Zain’s current Netflix binge… it will surprise you!
  • Advice through storytelling that all business owners and entrepreneurs can takes notes on, all of this and so much more!
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