How to Use VIP Days and Intensives to Grow Your Business with Jordan Gill


When your business grows to a certain level, and you can no longer run everything, and then realize you need to bring on a team to grow and scale, the next step is putting standard operating procedures in place.


We have the perfect guest to help us dive deep on SOP’s


In this week’s episode of The Marketing Natives we have Jordan Gill, owner of Systems Saved Me and master of all things operations and systems.


We’re talking about:

  • The defining moment in Jordan’s business where she hated what she was doing after only five months in business and how she pivoted.
  • How to use VIP days to charge by value not hours
  • Quick tips to help you make the shift to charge more for your services


If you’re a local business owner who wants to generate more qualified appointments online we created a free training to show you our proven three step process. Watch the training


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