How To Retain Repeat Customers For Your Local Business


Getting the customer is perceived as being the hardest part in business, and while it is pretty difficult sometimes, keeping them delighted is crucial. We don’t want to lie about statistics here, but it is roughly 2-3x harder (if not more) to go find a new one than it is to keep your current.

1. It’s all in the follow-up experience.

2. When someone becomes a client you have to nurture a relationship. After their purchase, follow up with questions about feedback and hear about their experience and how it could have been better.

3. Keep them on your email list and add value to them over time, sending offers every once and awhile.

4. Deepen the relationship with new layers. Moving this customer from an in-person relationship to your email list and then over to Instagram adds layers to help you deepen the relationship. Find a way to WOW them.

5. Do the small things that make a big impact. Small gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, just because, and hand-written notes.


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