How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company


In today's episode, we talk about How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company:

  1. Make it simple for them to leave a review. Don’t bombard them by asking to leave a review on three sites, they won’t do it. Pick 1-2 that they can choose from that you need reviews from the most and then give them a link to make it happen in a few clicks.
  1. Once the job is finished. Let them know you are going to send over a request for a review via email and see if they are willing to leave one. By them committing aloud that they would leave a review, it locks them in to at least psychologically remembering that you said you were going to send one and for them to be on the lookout.
  1. Hire a marketing agency in Allen, Texas. If you are great at what you do, we want you to continue doing what you do well. Allow an agency to come in and not only request new reviews and grow that number, but to mitigate the bad reviews. We can monitor up to 100-200 review sites and when a review is left we get notified almost instantly that there was a review, so if it was good, we can respond and thank them. If it was a bad review, it allows you to respond and rectify the situation, and in many cases, get it removed by talking to the customer.

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