4 Tips To Effectively Market Your New Doctors Office


In this episode we talk about 4 Tips To Effectively Market Your New Doctors Office:

  1. Make sure you have a website. As you start your practice, there a few things that people are going to look at, but your website is on the top of the list. Choose a local website design company to help you build a custom site that will meet your needs. Make sure the site is mobile friendly and is easy accessible for current and future patients.
  2. Focus on 1-3 traffic sources both online and offline. A few practices online to focus on are local SEO or search engine optimization. When someone needs you the first thing they are going to do outside of asking a friend is to go to Google. You want to be on the first page of Google, preferably in the maps. Another way to drive traffic is online advertising through social media marketing such as Facebook or Instagram ads.
  1. Focus on what sets you apart. Most doctors are the ‘same’ in the eyes of the consumers, find what makes you unique and exploit that. Do you offer the best waiting areas for kids to help them feel comfortable, are the facilities the cleanest, do you offer a special type of treatment? All of these are examples of some areas that could help you carve out your piece of the pie.
  2. Send out regular emails, newsletters or direct mail to keep in touch with your current customers and to reach out to new customers. Email is a very personal way to help you stay in contact between visits. Most doctors start with good intentions and then fall off because they do pick up, but to keep your patients and stand out you will need to stay in touch regularly.

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