Facebook and Etsy are the worst places to sell online


Most people think…. Facebook and Etsy are a great place to sell products online but that might be the worst advice on the internet. Especially for online store owners who want to grow their business.

But I get it. Everyone says that you can sell on Facebook and Etsy already gets a ton of traffic, So it’s easy to believe.

Not everyone who sells here makes money

But let me ask you. But if that were true then everyone who sold their products on Facebook and Etsy would have super successful businesses. And we all know that’s not the case. In fact, if you keep holding this belief you could actually stunt your growth and miss out on better opportunities.

You can’t track user data or deepen the customer experience

But you know how you can actually get consistent sales and grow your online store?  You build a store on Shopify, find out exactly who your target audience is, start creating content that your audience will enjoy, drive traffic to your website, then start online advertising and optimizing the traffic to your site with repeat customers. 

So let me ask you. Do you really want to keep thinking Facebook and Etsy are some kind of eCommerce unicorn and risk building a store that is sustainable for long-term growth  or do you want to build a store that gives your brand the ability to become the impactful store owner and achieve your sales success? 

If so then you need to check out our Ecomm Accelerator Process, a proven system to help frustrated store owners become the impactful store owner and generate consistent sales in their store. Schedule a free strategy session here: https://sales.bitbranding.co/

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