4 Ways To Boost Your Business On LinkedIn


LinkedIn is evolving. If you're not on LinkedIn you need to be. Today we're going to talk about Four (4) Ways That You Can Boost Your Business On LinkedIn.

Quick Stat: LinkedIn has over 300 million active monthly users and 40% visit the site daily.

  • Make sure to have a strong company page - Strong keywords matter. Make sure your description is on point. Also take advantage of Featured Groups, Hashtags, and Career Pages. Cover photo and content strategy matters too.

  • Link and optimize employee profiles - Make sure all your employees are connected to your company page and even have them include something more personalized in their bio.  (Link Nickquolette Barrett)
  • Engage intentionally - Try to have a solid content strategy that sparks conversation within the community.
  • Increase the recommendations - People trust people. These recommendations are a great way to provide social proof. The best way to rack up recommendations is for your employees to do it to someone else.


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