The Best Techniques For Boosting E-Commerce Sales

The Best Techniques For Boosting E-Commerce Sales

No matter how loyal your customer base or how positive your reviews are, if you are not boosting your sales, you are not growing your e-commerce business. It can be difficult for e-commerce business owners to understand how they can boost their sales. After all, if you have a comprehensive marketing strategy, it is easy to assume this should solve all of your sales issues, but this is not actually the case. There are many techniques that you can use to improve your rates of sales.

1. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

The way that people use the internet has changed a great deal in recent years. Nowadays, the majority of people, about 58%, are using their mobile phones to access the internet. If you have not optimized your site for mobile, you are leaving yourself open to losing up to 50% of potential customers.

It is recommended that e-commerce sites use responsive website design. Responsive website design will ensure that all of your customers are able to receive the highest quality experience no matter what device they are using to access your site.

2. Minimize Cart Abandonment

Every e-commerce business owner will have experienced at least one instance of cart abandonment. Not only is cart abandonment frustrating, but it represents a huge loss of potential sales. You can use many strategies to limit the number of cart abandonment for your e-commerce store.

  • Send email reminders

You can send customers an email after 4 hours to remind them of the items waiting in their virtual basket.

  • Offer a discount

Offering interested customers a discount on the items in their cart is another great way to motivate purchases.

  • Personalize Follow-Ups

It is recommended that you personalize the follow-up emails as much as possible to increase the chances of response and action.

3. Spotlight Your Best Sellers

Your e-commerce site’s landing page is hugely important when it comes to making the right first impression on potential customers. Showcasing your best-selling products on your homepage is a great way to quickly illustrate your brand. It also helps you get a customer interested in making a purchase without overwhelming them in choice.

4. Offer A Live Chat

Studies have found that 77% of consumers will not make a purchase on a website that does not offer a live chat. A live chat is essential for customers who are in need of more information such as sizing and delivery. Finding out this information quickly and easily can make the difference between a completed purchase of the loss of a potential customer.

5. Offer A Range of Payment Options

There is nothing worse than a customer abandoning a purchase at the very last step of the process. Offering a range of payment options is a great way to ensure that all of your customers are catered for. Many consumers feel much more comfortable when using a payment method they are familiar with. So offering a range of secure payment options will ensure all of your customers feel confident shopping with your e-commerce store.

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