Shopify Email Marketing - 4 Types Of Email To Send

Shopify Email Marketing - 4 Types Of Email To Send

Today, we’re going to show you the four types of emails that you should be sending if you're using Shopify

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Transactional Emails

Number one, transactional emails. 

Transactional Emails

According to a 2016 study by IBM, the mean, unique open rate of transactional e-mails is a whopping 47%. 

whopping 47%

That's nearly double of that 21.6% of non transactional emails. 

nearly double

So these types of emails are not just expected, they're actually anticipated by your customers. Customers actually seek them out. 

There are a couple of examples that fall into this category. Those are order confirmation, shipping confirmation and customer feedback. 

customer feedback

Because of the high open rate, you should consider adding up sales, discounts, maybe free shipping on your next order. Other things you can do is ask them to join your community. For example, if you have a Facebook group, hey, come and join us.

During shipping confirmation emails, you can make it easy for them to track their order or even refer a friend to get some kind of discount. And the friend gets a discount too, then everyone wins. These things will make your emails 10 times better and actually more profitable. 

Promotional Emails

Coming in at number two is promotional emails. 

Promotional Emails

Promo emails can include a wide variety of things. For example, a new product release, time sensitive promotions, seasonal dealsi like holidays or employee appreciation. 

You can think of these emails as messages that you send whenever you have something newsworthy to share so carefully consider who you send it to and when you send them. You need to consider your audience. That's huge with these promotional emails. You don't want to just blast everything all at once. You want to be more targeted, more intentional on who you send these emails to. 

The most important thing to consider is the segment of the audience. So let's say you have a pet supply store on Shopify. Consider segmenting the audience into dog lovers, cat lovers, lizard lovers, etc. That way, you can actually send better promotional emails, more tailored to those audiences. 

Reminder, stick around to the end of the blog. We’re going to show you our favorite email marketing apps that you need to try out. 

Lifecycle Emails

Next up, lifecycle emails. 

Lifecycle Emails

These emails are very personal and only targeted to a very, very small segment of your audience at a time. So this can include cart abandonment emails, which we made a video on that right here.

abandonment emails

Welcome emails, second order emails and win back campaigns. These are all things that are very segmented. 

Welcome emails

Our favorite out of all of these is the abandoned carts. This is the closest thing to a quick win in e-commerce. We actually made a video on how to set that up. So check it out. 

Ongoing Newsletter

Last but not least, that fourth type of email that you need to be sending in Shopify is an ongoing newsletter.

Ongoing Newsletter

A regular newsletter can help with the important task of educating your customers and telling your brand story. Customer case studies, brand stories are all underappreciated ways of staying closer to your audience and building a better connection. That way, you don't have to rely on promotional emails all the time. So newsletters equals stories

Email Marketing Tools

Now, as promised, here are some of our favorite email marketing tools to send all these types of emails that we're talking about. Obviously, Shopify can actually send the majority of them, but we prefer something a little bit more robust and sophisticated, like Active Campaign, Klaviyo or if you want something more affordable, then you can check out Mailerlite

 Active Campaign



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