Instagram Trends: Marketing Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

Instagram Trends: Marketing Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

First, there was Myspace. Then, there was (and still is) Facebook. But now, there is Instagram.

As more users flock to Instagram, business owners need to follow suit. With over 200 million monthly active users, there are countless opportunities for businesses to connect with customers on the social media platform.

But unfortunately, only 28% of businesses use Instagram for marketing.

If you're looking to increase your business visibility online, there are a few important Instagram trends you should be aware of. Let's explore.

Generating Relevant Hashtags

If you have a solid hashtag strategy, you can increase your visibility on Instagram for free. Relevant hashtags allow you to connect with a target audience.

Hashtags organize searches. They are a way for social networks to categorize posts. Hashtags show what's trending on Instagram today and keep users updated on the latest news.

As a business owner, you need to use hashtags to connect with new followers. There is no right number of hashtags, but most marketers agree 11 Instagram hashtags is a solid starting point.

How do you know which hashtags to use?

You can do a little research on Instagram to determine popular hashtags that fit your brand. There are also hashtag generators that create lists of relevant and popular hashtags to use for your posts. One example is LeeTags, a free tool that provides users with a list of relatable hashtags based on your content.

You can also create a hashtag specific to your brand. Incorporate the hashtag into all of your posts. Encourage users to follow or use the hashtag when they do business with you.

Custom-made hashtags increase Instagram engagement. They make it easy for you to find posts from your customers and share them on your feed.

Leveraging Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories enable users to highlight photos or videos for 24 hours before they disappear. You can post the content from your phone or on your computer via Business Manager.

The feature is becoming increasingly popular. Over 500 million Instagram accounts view Stories on the daily, with 33% of Stories created by businesses.

Businesses can leverage Instagram Stories to boost engagement and increase brand visibility. Stories allow you to keep your brand at the top of your customers' minds.

Generating consistent content in your Instagram Stories enhances engagement among your followers. The more people who view or interact with your story, the higher number of people likely to check out your Instagram business profile or visit your website.

While a lot of thought and editing may go into creating the perfect Instagram post, Instagram Stories are designed to be fun and creative.

Stories should be loose and interactive. Ask your followers a question, throw up a snapshot of a hot new item, or post a funny video of your staff. There are no rules when it comes to Instagram Stories. As long as you're interacting with your followers, you're doing it right.

While you may not be posting to your timeline every day, Instagram Stories can enable you to keep up engagement with your users, keeping your brand at the top of their minds.

Going Live

Live videos are frequently trending on Instagram.

Live is the newest feature to Instagram. It allows users to stream uninterrupted for up to one hour.

During the broadcast, users can tune in and comment on the video. The host can see the comments and respond.

Businesses use Instagram Live to increase brand engagement, authenticity, and visibility.

Live makes it easy for users to connect with the host. Businesses can create conversations or make exciting business announcements in real-time.

Going Live is authentic. It isn't a scripted or edited commercial. Most Instagram Live sessions are simple, with just a business owner creating conversations with his or her followers.

Utilizing Instagram Live can help you expand your visibility. Live videos are placed in front of Instagram Stories, with some users receiving notifications when a Live begins. Going Live is a great way to attract attention and remind users of who you are.

Instagram Live is an example of real-time marketing. It can target your customer base at the right moments to encourage more engagement. Going Live on Instagram allows you to connect with customers from all over the world from the comfort of your office.

Connecting With Local Influencers

Influencer marketing is nothing new to social media, but it's one of the best trends on Instagram.

People with large followings use their platform to promote brands and products. It's an effective way for businesses to reach new customers and increase visibility.

A 2019 survey found that 92% of influencers agreed Instagram was their preferred social media platform. It's the best site for facilitating sponsored posts and producing efficient influencer ROIs.

The idea behind influencer marketing is that people follow users they admire and respect. When those figures endorse a business or create a post using a product, followers are more inclined to purchase that product or engage with that brand.

Many people think of celebrities and reality-TV stars when they picture influencers. But the truth is influencers are everywhere, even in a small town. You just have to find them.

An influencer can be anyone in your target audience who has a large following. It can be a person or a popular local account.

For example, many foodie accounts feature local restaurants. If you own a restaurant, network with the owner of the account.

Invite them in for a free meal. In exchange, the influencer can post about their experience, which expands your restaurant's visibility and helps you connect with new customers.

Influencer marketing is a popular Instagram trend in 2020 and is likely to continue in 2021.

Implement the Latest Instagram Trends

Instagram trends are always changing, but the ones that work aren't going anywhere. If you're a business owner, consider adopting these trends to help your business reach new customers.

Are you ready to kick your Instagram marketing strategy up a notch? If so, you're in the right place.

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