INCREASE SALES by 20% With These Abandoned Cart Strategies

INCREASE SALES by 20% With These Abandoned Cart Strategies
INCREASE SALES by 20% With These Abandoned Cart Strategies

This blog is going to be very important because you're going to finally see how to increase sales by making sure people purchase during their checkout process, which is part of the optimization step of our sales accelerator process. 

sales accelerator

Now, what most frustrated store owners do is just absolutely nothing, which is why they're losing tons of money when people just abandon their carts. 

This blog will fix all of that so you can go from a frustrated store owner to an impactful store. 

So number one, and this might be the most complex or not just going to get too much into it, is to target cart abandoners with remarketing. 

target cart abandoners with remarketing

So, part of our sales accelerator process actually takes people who visit your cart and the checkout and remarket to them. It can be via email, it could be Facebook ads, Instagram ads and tell them, "Hey, you missed something in our cart. Come back and finish your transaction". There's a lot more into that, but we're not going to get to it into this blog. 

Number two is to reduce page load times.

reduce page load times

You look at things like GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed and you can run a report and see what areas you can improve on your site speed.


Google PageSpeed

A lot of times it's just unnecessary apps that you have that just take forever to load, especially when you're in your cart and at the checkout process. So you want to make sure that your cart and checkout process are as smooth as possible and just test it from time to time to make sure that things are running smoothly. 



top issues on  GTmetrix

Number three is to offer a money back guarantee. Offering these greatly reduces the potential objections a prospect might have about buying from you. It puts ease of mind into the customer. 

offer a money back guarantee

Number four is to be clear about shipping costs upfront. 

be clear about shipping costs upfront

Now, some ways to mitigate this is to just offer flat rate shipping or maybe free shipping based on a certain price point. Customers generally want to know what the grand total is going to be. So a lot of times what happens with abandoned shopping carts is that the customer is just putting all the stuff in the cart and then going through your checkout process just to figure out how much is actually going to be. 


So in order to mitigate this what you can do is maybe offer that price point upfront, maybe through an FAQ page or banners and headers or even the same product page. That way you can let the customer know this is what you're expected to pay and this is how much we charge for it; shipping. 

order to mitigate

Number five, establish trust in your transaction forms. 

establish trust in your transaction forms

So ways to do this are like verified by Visa, Google Trusted Store or VeriSign, among other trust badges. These could persuade customers to purchase and feel secure while doing so. 

verified by

Nowadays, if you're using something like Shopify or WooCommerce, technically people feel pretty secure about shopping with you. We do feel very secure whenever we see a store and go through the checkout process and see that it's Shopify, typically we tend to feel pretty secure with that. 


Shopify or WooCommerce

However, you might be using some other form of e-commerce platform and they may allow you to include some badges and trust badges. Things like we said, verified Visa or Google Trusted Store are things that you have to work towards with Visa or Google in order to add those to your website. Also, McAfee, like there might be one like PayPal. So all these are good to include. Once a customer sees those, they tend to feel more secure and they can probably finish their transaction. 

So that's how you decrease the abandoned carts. However, if your store is not getting the traffic it needs, then worrying about abandoned carts, is just going to be pointless, right? So that's why you should schedule a call today so we can show you step by step how to increase traffic and sales on your store and begin to be an impactful store owner.  

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