How To Install A Shopify Wishlist App

How To Install A Shopify Wishlist App

Hey guys. Today we’ll be showing you how to install a Shopify wishlist app on your store. 

How To Install A Shopify Wishlist App

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Finding The Right App

The first thing you want to do is go to apps and visit the Shopify App store. This is where we always find our handy apps. 

Finding The Right App

visit store

Once that loads, you want to search for wishlist and scroll down to Wishlist Plus by Swim Corporation. 

Swim Corporation

Wishlist Plus

Now, this app is probably one of the best ones out there. They also have the most reviews and it works really well. They also have a free version which is another reason why we’re adding this one. 

most reviews

WishList Plus Pricing and Reviews

If you scroll down the page some, you will see the pricing options for the app. You can see that they have a free version as well as the other tiers that you would pay for each month.

WishList Plus Pricing and Reviews

If you scroll down a little further, right below the pricing, you will see the reviews. If you look through some of them, you can see that they have really excellent reviews and they also have excellent customer service. 

excellent reviews

So, if you have any problems where you can’t add this to the store, make sure to reach out to them because they’ll be able to help you.

Adding WishList Plus

First off, you are going to want to click the Add App button. 

Add App button

Once that loads, you’ll want to click on install app. 

click on install app

Then once that loads, you’ll want to answer the two questions that come up, your name and your email address. For this example, we’ll just use Christian’s name and email.

two questions

After that it’s going to show you some of the settings and features that you could have if you paid for the app. However, if you’re not interested in any of these things, which can add a lot of customization to the user experience, you can just click on No thanks, I’d like to install the free version at the top of the screen.

click on No thanks

click on No thanks

Launch Button

Your next step will be to figure out your launch button details. 

Launch Button

This will walk you through some settings, and at this point, depending on where you want the wishlist integration, this is where you will be able to change those settings. You could do it afterwards, after the initial setup, but as for right now, you can do three different things right here. You can choose whichever one you’d like and then on the right it will show you a preview of how it will look. 



You can change the settings for each of these to match your store’s looks. For example, if you already have something regularly in the bottom corner, you can change the location of the button, or you can change to Add it as a menu item. 

Add it as a menu item 

You also have the ability to change colors and the way that you want to display that wishlist module. You can have it as a pop up or as a separate page. 

change colors

Once you have the settings how you want them, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

click Continue

Button Details

The next page you come to will be the button details setting. 

Button Details

For example, when someone is looking at a particular product and they actually want to add that item to the wishlist, you have different options as to how that will look. Like the launch button, this will also show you a preview on the right as to how the page/button will look. 


preview on the right

You can change the colors as well as the labels. Let's say you don't want to call it a wishlist, you want to call it something else. You can delete out the text in the box and put in what you want it to say. 

change the colors


There is also Social Count, which is something that we would always recommend, especially for people who are wanting to know what’s popular. They’ll be able to tell how many people have added this to their wishlist, that must mean this is popular. 

social count

Email Details

If you scroll down the page a little bit you will see the Email Details section.

Email Details

In the From Name box, that is going to be something that your customer will recognize. For this example, we’ll use Lil Bits Treats. 

From Name box

In the next box, Reply-to Email, it would hopefully be something like a support email, so support@YOURBUSINESSENDING.COM. 

Below that, you will also want to make sure to add your store’s logo. 

store’s logo

Once you have everything inputted in that page, you’ll click Finish Setup at the bottom of the page.

Finish Setup

Dashboard and Metrics

After that, the page that you land on, will give you a bunch of different settings that you currently don’t have that you have to upgrade to get, but you’ve already done the whole integration. 

Dashboard and Metrics

If you go to your dashboard on the left hand side, it will give you some information on some of the actions that your customers are taking. 

dashboard on the left hand side

manage app

You can also view your reporting and metrics, listed underneath the dashboard. This will give you some reporting and some metrics so that you know which products are being put into that wishlist integration. 

Making Sure Wishlist Installed Correctly

Now, if you go to your store, and on the left hand side under Sales Channel, you’ll see Online Store. To the right of that, you’ll see a little eyeball. Click on that to open up your store. 

open up your store

Depending on how your store is set up, you’ll want to go to your catalog, product list, etc. 


Pick any item and open it to view. 

Pick any item and open it to view

Once that page loads, you will see that Add To Wishlist is now available on the product. 

Add To Wishlist

If you click on it, you will see that the item is then added to the wishlist. Now, the only reason why it doesn’t pop up the opportunity for us to put in an email is because we’ve already been to the store and they already have my information. 


You can then view your wishlist by clicking on View Your Wishlist at the bottom right of the wishlist window. Then click Access My Wishlist and you'll be in. They can also create their own account so that they don’t miss any of their favorites.

Access My Wishlist

create their own account

That is it! Thank you for reading this blog. If you would like to watch our How To video on this subject, you can watch it here. Also, make sure to like the video as well as like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the bell so that you don't miss out on any of the content we put out every single week.  

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