7 Simple Tips to Perfect Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Simple Tips to Perfect Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you been seeing any success with your current eCommerce digital marketing strategy?

Chances are, you're looking to refresh whatever methods you've been using. And we don't blame you - from social media and email campaigns to the proper website design, digital marketing can be a difficult field to leverage leads for your business.

Luckily, focusing on a few simple areas will set you in the right direction to turning that increase in clicks to an increase in sales. Check out the following 7 tips to perfect your eCommerce digital marketing strategy!

1. Leverage the Right Social Media

It's hard to think of a company that doesn't use social media to promote its business. And why not? It's a free tool to reach up to millions of people.

For an effective online marketing strategy, though, it's important to use your resources wisely. It's better to focus on just one or two platforms, create quality content, and build a loyal following than it is to post mass-produced content on six different social media accounts.

Consider below some of the popular social media platforms and how you could use them before you engage in a campaign. 

  • Instagram: The go-to place for uploading aesthetically pleasing content, Instagram is the perfect place for your business to show its design and visual strengths.
  • TikTok: The place where videos go viral, Tiktok could be used to make creative, funny, or informative content.
  • Twitter: With its 280 character limit, Twitter is the perfect place for your business to start concise, thoughtful conversations.

2. Design an Email Campaign with Value

Each day, your inbox is probably flooded with emails. And so is everyone else's. The only way to get people to read your emails is to make their value known to the customer.

Emails should have exclusive deals, breaking information, or amazing product recommendations that the customer would otherwise not have access to. The balance here, of course, is using information that is exclusive enough to create interest, but not so valuable that it would be harmful if you could not promote it on other platforms.

You should also consider the quantity vs quality of your emails. Think about your target consumer. Do you think she would rather prefer two short emails a week, or two detailed emails a month?

3. Use Reviews to Create Trust

Buying a new product is a risk, but you can minimize that risk by including trusted sources on your website. Showing potential consumers that people already trust your products will overcome a huge obstacle for first-time buyers.

People usually leave reviews if they are unsatisfied with the product or if they are more than happy with it. By leaving an option for reviews, you will give customers the transparency that they want.

Reviews are also a great way to expand your target audience. If your typical customer is over the age of 30, but you want to reach a younger target, tailor your reviews to appeal to them. Including testimonials from both age groups will keep existing customers and show new ones that they make a great fit, too.

4. Display Portfolio Work

Along those same lines, displaying your business's past client work will build trust. Potential customers will be able to see how talented you are. You won't have to sell yourself with promises of high-quality results - your work will speak for itself.

A digital portfolio also is helpful to show the breadth of your work. Sometimes a new client may be unable to see how he could fit into your skills and past experiences. When he sees the variety among your previous clients, it may give him a new idea about how he could use your services.

5. Create a Referral System

Referral programs are a great way to generate new leads from existing customers. Similar to reading a review, getting a referral for a product creates that feeling of trust for your brand.

A referral code or process also gives your business insight into the success of the program. Are some people or businesses generating more leads than others? Which demographic is most willing to try the referral for themselves?

6. Highlight Consumer Values

With an infinite amount of products out there, customers aren't just stopping to buy the first one they see. Many customers make choices based on their values, rather than on the product itself.

Consider sustainability's role in the modern marketplace. Shopping sustainably is becoming an important customer value, and it's not just a passing trend.

73% of customers surveyed said that they would change their consumption habits to lessen their impact on the environment. That means, if there's a choice between one company and another, most people would go for the one that isn't harming the planet.

This makes it the perfect time to highlight your brand as an environmentally friendly one. You'll be promoting a good message and attracting more customers.

Do you conduct business digitally to avoid wasting paper? Talk about that!

And if you aren't currently doing any green initiatives, what better time than now to consider one?

7. Personalize the Digital eCommerce Experience

Every shopper wants to feel appreciated, especially because there are so many options nowadays. Your customers could have chosen from an almost countless number of options, but they picked you. Showing them your gratitude will go a long way.

Do this by personalizing consumers' shopping experience. There are simple ways to make every transaction feel like a connection.

  • Refer to customers by name when they sign into your website
  • Send birthday messages and coupons
  • Send personalized thank-yous after each purchase
  • Ask for feedback

Remind each customer of their importance, and your business will always stay relevant.

The Solution Is Out There

It's great to make a plan - but you don't have to stick to it! Where you end up is likely going to be nowhere near where you imagined. As long as you are focused on your goals, a solution will present itself.

We hope that you're eager to get started, and we're here to help!

Contact us to discuss how we can create the perfect eCommerce marketing strategy for you.

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