The Top 5 Software Tools We Use In Our Business And You Should Too


In this episode we talk about The Top 5 Software Tools We Use In Our Business And You Should Too:

  1. Slack - Hands down the best messaging and complete project and communication software. Slack was just getting started when we started the company and it allowed us to live in two different states to start the company.

  2. Sumo - The full suite. We use Sumo to collect email addresses and grow our website traffic. We use AppSumo to find out about the latest and greatest new tech softwares at a deal. Lastly, we use KingSumo to create viral giveaways.
  1. Instapage - This is the best (In our opinion) landing page software that allows designers to create beautiful landing pages and help non-creatives to use a template and generate leads. Instapage integrates with almost everything you can think of and allows you to update and change the page on the go easily.

  2. Line2 - allows us to have business phone lines. We can also use them to send text messages. They even have a Mac app to help you respond right from your computer.

  3. ClickUp - This Free tool has been amazing for us. ClickUp is a project management tool that allows you to visually see, work, collaborate on all the projects in your company. The capabilities for this tool are endless.

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