SEO: The First 6 Steps Realtors Need To Make


On today's episode we discuss SEO: The First 6 Steps Realtors Need To Make

  1. Get your own website - We see most realtors use their brokers website because it’s easier in the short term. But in the long game, you don’t have any of the features you need. 1. Being able to re-market, 2. completely customize without sending an email, 3. Ability to add your own flavor and branding.
  1. Set up your 'Google My Business' page + Google Search Console. Setting these up are a must. Both are the first steps we suggest for businesses to take once they launch their site to start giving data to Google.
  1. Keyword research - You can do this by purchasing software like Back link or Ahrefs, but it may not be necessary. One trick is to go to Google and start typing in popular phrases you can come up with, then scroll down to the bottom and look at suggestions. This will tell you that other people are searching for these as well and you can create content and build links around that.
  1. Create Skyscraper Content - This a method that isn’t used much, and ironically we are finishing up a blog doing this exact technique. Skyscraper content is the addition to your content. So, for example, if you wrote a blog in 2016 about the best way to purchase a house and it received a lot of traffic, you could do another blog with the same topic and add to it  and update. Google loves when you think about the end consumer when you create content, and updating content is very helpful.
  1. Start linking to other content and updating your content consistently - Reach out to other people in your area and see if you can write a blog for them. Insurance agents, roofers, etc. are great places for this. The next thing to do is make sure you are updating your blog, pictures, and descriptions consistently. This could be 1-4 times per month.
  1. Make sure your NAP is correct. This is your name, address, and phone number. You need to make sure that you’re consistent everywhere you put those numbers.

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