Our Top Tips To Get A Roofing Blog Ranked Online


On today's episode, we discuss our Top Tips To Get A Roofing Blog Ranked Online

  1. Use/Repetition of Primary Keyword - Using your keywords in a natural way in your blog posts isn’t  bad SEO practice. But, don’t over do it, you will get penalized by search engines. Adding the keyword to headlines, paragraphs and alt text for images is a good way to include your keywords in the post.
  1. Page’s user experience (design, quality, usage metrics) - Use AIDA. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Using this formula to structure your content will increase the conversions and guide consumers along the experience. This reduces the bounce rate on your blog posts.
  1. Depth and value of content - People want something useful and relevant! The more unique and actionable blog post that you’re able to create on a consistent basis, the more power your blog has to pull in traffic. This then increases your search traffic, engagement and leads.

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