How to Use Creative to Build an E-Commerce Brand With Bucci Coffee Co


Coffee and Ecommerce lovers! 

We had a great time sitting down with Nik, owner of Bucci Coffee Co. 

Nik started Bucci Coffee from his interest in artisanal food and beverages and their focus is currently on brewing the world’s finest organic specialty cold brew coffee for households and businesses, with mail order distribution anywhere in the United States.

Christian actually ordered some of the coffee and was blown away with how smooth it was (He isn’t even a coffee drinker)

Nik also allowed us to peel back the curtain and share some of his numbers for the business… this is where you can gather a lot of insight. 

You’re doing to learn these three things and more on today’s episode

  • Nik’s approach on sustainability + tips on shipping across the U.S.
  • How to personalize your brand online and make your customer come back again and again.
  • How Nik improvised and persevered to build his own brewing equipment 

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