How To Take Your Clothing Business From $100k a Year to $100k/mo


Hey y’all I hope you are having a great day.

On today’s episode we have Libby from Libby’s Boutique. Libby has been a client of ours for over five years so we’ve had the privilege of seeing the transition over time from retail only to thriving online boutique. Her online sales now completely dwarf her retail location and is growing each and every month. Libby has found the key to building a boutique business over the long haul. Libby’s story is a humbling and relatable. If you are starting a boutique or clothing business and want to learn how to go from $100k years to six figure months, this episode is going to be super valuable for you.

You’re going to learn these three things and more.

  1. How to set your business apart from others just like it
  2. How to use video and live selling to double and even triple your current sales
  3. And Libby’s secret weapon for continuous growth personally and professionally

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