How To Market Your Church For Free


Today we're going to talk about how to market your church for free.

We have three pretty solid strategies and you're just going to love this episode we actually deep dive in two of them and we teach you almost step by step on what to do.

Here are 3 strategies that you can use to boost your church presence and increase attendance.

Disclaimer these are not totally free. These take time and time is money.

  • Have a solid social media strategy in place - We cannot stress this enough. You need to have a good mix of self promotion and value. We see a lot of churches just sharing their sermons and upcoming events without taking an opportunity to share value or engaging content. Educational content is a great and easy place to start. You can start creating videos, graphics, blogs, podcasts that educate people. Start with those frequent questions that non-believers have. Remember to start slow and build up your content strategy.

  • Make sure your website is SEO optimized - The first thing people do when searching for a church? Probably do a Google search to see what’s out there. There are hundreds of articles and guides on how to optimize your website for search engines. Speed is a huge component of this. You can even browse our blog or podcast episodes and find some good information to get you started. In addition to that making sure your NAP listing is accurate throughout the web is very important.
  • Leverage new tech, apps and software - Some examples: ManyChat, OneSignal, Canva, iMovie, Buffer. Using the latest technology will leverage your church into new heights. This will allow you to stay up to date with what other companies are doing to market their businesses. Try out some of these apps. A lot of them offer free versions that allow you to sometimes even have full functionality.


What do you think about this episode? We’d love to hear from you! Share us your suggestions, comments or questions. And we’d love to include that on our next show.

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Hope y'all enjoyed this episode! We'll see you guys next week for another episode of The Marketing Natives!

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