How Much Should You Spend Per Lead


As a business owner there are a few things you have to know to be successful long-term. 

Number one is your Numbers. 

You have to know the numbers in your business. Can you imagine selling a product or service, thinking you made a profit, but really you lost money? 

It happens all of the time, sadly. 

But in today’s episode we we are going to clear things up and move you in the right direction, to grow your business profitably

What you’ll learn :

1. What you should really be focusing on when thinking about your cost per lead

2. What numbers matter the most when determining your return on investment

3. And walking you through our lead cost calculator LIVE

If you’re a local business owner who wants to generate more qualified appointments online we created a free training to show you our proven three step process. Watch the training

p.s. If you want the the calculator for Free, just send us a DM on Instagram @BitBranding

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