5 Tips To Creating Better Video For Your Gym

  • Create a Storyboard

Use a tool like Storyboarder to fully flesh out your videos. Don’t just wing it because you know your stuff. Specially when it comes to technical videos where you’re showing proper form. It important to figure out the details before you start shooting.

  • Engage

If your are just starting out or have been creating video for years, when you engage in other content more eyes will come to you. The more eyeballs on your content, the more opportunities to ask them what they want to see and let you tweak your content to be tailored to the right audience.

  • Audio

Clear, crisp audio is a must. Make sure to invest in a lav mic or shotgun mic with a boom pole. Clear audio not only makes your videos look better and more professional but it makes it a LOT easier for AI on YouTube or Facebook to create your captions! Win-win.

  • Be consistent

You will not be the best at creating video out the gate, heck it may take you months or even a year to get to where you want to be. Don’t let that scare you away from making video because to do well in your business you can’t ignore video.

  • Lighting

This one is last because it’s a no-brainer, kind of. The difference between a video doing really well or not isn’t just the lighting,but it is a huge chunk. If you can, use natural light, if you can’t LED’s and then light boxes. If you are choosing whether or not to spend money on something for your videos, spend it here.


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