5 Things We Learned From Ramit Sethi


Who you follow online is more important than ever. 


With the constant bombardment of differing opinions, it’s hard to tell what the truth is anymore, especially when it comes to business.


We all know the “gurus” who make it seem like they are running thriving businesses and living the exotic life, but it’s all a lie. 


Ramit has been a steadfast leader in the personal finance and business arena for 10+ years and is someone we have learned a ton from. 


In this podcast episode we chat about what we learned from Ramit over the past decade and what it was like to meet him in 2019.


We’re talking about:

  1. The three things you should stop doing so you can save time and grow your business
  2. How we wasted FIVE HOURS with one person and how you can avoid it too
  3. The exact step-by-step process we put in place to never get on a phone call or meeting with someone who isn’t qualified


If you’re a local business owner who wants to generate more qualified appointments online we created a free training to show you our proven three step process. Watch the training


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