5 Optometry Marketing Tips


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Marketing Natives. We are going to break down Five Optometry Marketing Tips for you. We're going to talk about search engine marketing, we're going to talk about video, social media marketing, and a few other tips you're going to hear about.

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Five Optometry Marketing Tips Preview:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Getting yourself on the map is crucial for a local business. You will want to implement tactics that involve creating content and add setting up local citations.
  • Have a clear and concise message + a website that converts - Having a website is step 1, making sure it’s the best is step 2. Your website matters, it is something your potential customers are going to use before they ever even give you a call or walk in the door. If the website doesn’t convert or isn’t user friendly, you won’t get the business. The guy up the street has a little bit better of a website and has a simple scheduling software, he will get the business over you.
  • Reputation management - online reviews and what people say about you will not only help you rank locally in search, but it’s where your customers will do the selling for you. 80+% of people who purchase online are going to read reviews.. And think about it, would you just go to an eye doctor on a limb, probably not!
  • Videos! - If you have listened to our podcast in the past few years you know that we are huge advocates for video and to lead with video. A few ideas: start a weekly or bi-weekly series about tips or answer questions from your followers. Look at video as a way to keep top of mind, build brand, and also get more customers. 
  • Social Media Marketing - When you have a video that is already doing well, say it has quite a few people who like it and a couple thousand views… that’s a good indication that if you put some money behind it that it would only do better. Think about social media marketing as a way to add gasoline to a fire. You cannot outspend bad marketing, so please make sure to focus on quality content first and then put advertising behind it.


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