4 Tips For Effective Time Management For Agencies


In today's episode, we talk about 4 tips for effective time management for agencies: 

  1. Track your time - You really can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you’ve never used any tool for time tracking, you’re basically guessing how long it takes to finish projects. The first step in being more productive is seeing how you’re spending your time. Some tools you can check out Toggl and Clockify.
  1. Kill big meetings - Here’s a quick fact for you… US businesses spend $37 billion a year in unnecessary meetings. In order to kill these big meetings here are some things you can do instead: call for short 10-15 min meetings, always define your goal, send meeting outline ahead of time, set a meeting timer, limit technology used.
  1. Use the 45/15 rule - Break up each hour in your day into 45 minutes of billable work and 15 mins of your choice of distraction. After 45 minutes we start to lose focus and our productivity goes down. Try it out!
  1. Learn to outsource - When we started BitBranding, we had all the time in the world because we didn’t have a lot of client work in our hands. We took pride in the fact that we did everything in house. But then it came the realization that we can’t do everything ourselves so we decided to get some virtual assistants to take care of some of those repetitive time consuming tasks.

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