3 Facebook Ads Tips to Grow Your Shopify Store


If you’re a new store owner, then you know that getting traffic to your website can sometimes be a little frustrating.

Some weeks you get a decent amount of traffic and sales and the next it’s just well, not so good.

Facebook is one platform if you learn it well can absolutely pay dividends and transform you into the empowered store owner.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What type of content preforms best with FB ads. Images, carousels or videos
  2. Insight into one big mistake store owners make when writing copy/text for their ads
  3. And the power behind redundancy and frequency and how to effectively use them in your business to increase sales and lower overhead

All of this and more!

BitBranding is here to provide stability, flexibility, and happiness to inspire the passion driven entrepreneur and help them achieve their deeper purpose.

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