7 Content Ideas For Your Instagram Stories

It is no secret thatInstagram is taking a big stab at Snapchat by launching their Instagram storiesplatform. But how will this be different from Snapchat, and if it is,how do you create content for it? In the blog below we will break down 7content ideas for you to create content exclusively on Instagram stories.

Instagram just announcedtheir live stories feature that will start rolling out today foreveryone. The writing of this blog is Mid November, so if you are reading thisafterwards you may have already experienced Instagram’s live feature, but wewill leave that for another post.

To really take advantage ofInstagram stories you need to be active and build a real audience. The goodthing about Instagram stories is that if you already have an Instagramfollowing, these people are already your followers for the stories part. Yes!

For your followers to getto know more about you, you will need to entertain and provide value, which canbe difficult at times. Luckily for you, we have outlined 7 content ideas foryour Instagram stories that are proven to help build engaging content.

1. Shortterm games and contests

When building an audience you need themto come back frequently to engage with you. A great way to keep users engagedis to take their mind off something by using a game. Keep the game simple andeasy for everyone to do. You could send them on a scavenger hunt for acool item. You could then follow-up with everyone who found that item, havethem send it to you, and then you would upload it to your story and give othersthe ability to see as well.

When running a contest youwant the barrier or entry to be somewhat easy. You could put your mostactive followers or those who shared your stories the most into a drawing.Reward those who are already engaged and they will stay longer by drawing theirname on your story. Everyone loves to win something.

2. Tease/build anticipation for a new product or service

Everyone loves to know orbe on the “in” when something is about to come out. Think about the latest iPhone or movie that is about to come out, you brag to your friends on whofound out about it first. The same goes for a new product or service at yourcompany. Start showing behind the scenes at work, different stages ofproduction. The more you can let them in on your company, the more likely theyare to be engaged and potentially purchase later.

3. Short interviews of your team or employees

Understanding more aboutwho you are and what makes you and your team unique is the difference in a relationshipor acquaintance. We all want to do business with people we know. Some ofyou may have never met the owners of companies you buy from, but if you do knowa lot about them and feel you really do know them as a person it makes sensewhy you buy from them.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling is differentfor every business, but is essential. Your ability to showcase yourcompany’s story is the difference in growing or going out of business. Explainto us who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, and why you aredifferent. Talk to the camera just as if you were talking to a person in reallife, there are viewers on the other end. A great way to start is to just starttalking and telling us what you have going on for that day. Yes, we are interestedand yes, we do want to know. Get out of your comfort zone.

5. Event coverage

On Instagram you can post ahigh quality picture of the event you attended with your staff or of the venue.But with stories you can show us what it was like entering the venue, who youmet, the event details, and what goes on behind the scenes. This allows us tocome alongside you at the event and get to know more about you and feel like wewere at the event too.

6. A day in the life

This is by far the mostpopular and effective way to create a relationship and establish realengagement on your Instagram stories, but it is also the hardest. Not hard asin tough to come up with what to post, but tough to stay consistent. To do wellin this area you need to put in months, not days to create a relationship, butit is well worth it. Tell us how you live your life and what work looks like toyou day in and day out. We will learn more about you and the way you do things.This is where the real magic happens.

7. Give someone the chance to take over your story for a day!

Allowing someone else totake over your Instagram story is a great way to spicin’ thingsup. You want to be strategic about who you let come on your story and takeover, but it can add flavor that will help your audience reengage. Thisadds another point of view and helps tell a different story for a short timebefore you take it back. We recommend you do a one-day takeover, don’t go muchlonger, but test and see what works best for you.

The best way to attack this list is take on one to two ofour suggestions, implement them, and see what works for you and test. There aremany ways to tell a story on Instagram, you just need to find out what worksbest for you and your company. Let us know if you have any questions about yourInstagram story of if we can help. You can follow BitBranding’sInstagram Stories here

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